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APEX Home Energy Savings, LLC

APEX Home Energy Savings, LLC
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Apex Home Energy Savings was started in April of 1998 with one business partner working from our homes until 1999, moving to operate out of a small warehouse with an office in Hurst, Texas.In late 1999, we purchased the companys first two new service vehicles. In 2000, we relocated to Haltom City, Texas to a larger warehouse with three offices. It was then that we hired our first office employee and field installer, giving the company a total of four employees. In August 2002, we relocated the operation to Granbury, our hometown where we resided, receiving a big increase in our workload in just a short few months.January 2003 started with a great new attitude for our company because of the good responses from our local customers. January 2004 gave us the best year in our companys history with 1.2 million in revenue, which helped to increase our overall performance and allowed us to expand our services. We continued to grow and show impressive revenues over the next few years.In early 2008, our company saw a vast expansion, including the addition of plumbing and electrical departments, and jumped on what seemed to be an express lane to success, receiving three million in revenue for our efforts. Following the financial downfall of the U.S. economy in late 2008, we suffered an overwhelming set-back and were forced to downsize.We were, however, able to maintain focus and reorganize to continue towards our goal of becoming the number one service provider in our area by cutting costs, getting the best prices from our suppliers, using manpower more efficiently and revising our bidding process. That, along with other factors, has allowed Apex to once again prosper and begin a steady growth.We have seen our market shift over the past few years from new construction to residential and commercial service as our consumers began repairing and maintaining, rather than replacing systems.We have also expanded our product lines and services to include more energy efficient options in order to best serve our customers drive in the present economy to lower what they spend in utility bills. We are now able to offer our customers comprehensive home energy audits to pinpoint where they are losing money and make recommendations as to how they can best improve their conservation efforts in their own homes, including implementing renewable energy source packages, such as solar energy .Apex Home Energy Savings has also expanded our service area to include the Dallas area. We have shifted our focus to total Home Energy Management, which allows us to address the whole home efficiency rather than just a single product and to better serve our customers.Throughout the years and through all of the ups and downs, weve become your go-to energy saving partner. Whether you are looking for HVAC repair, solar panels or energy efficient windows, weve got you covered.

Office Locations

  • 307 W Pearl St., Granbur TX, 76048
  • 110 W Randol Mill Rd, Arlington TX, 76011
  • 1777 NE Loop 410, Suite 650, San Antonio TX, 78217
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