Buyer’s Guide 2022

Best Solar Panels for Homes

EnergyPal offers the best solar panels for homes by value, price, wattage & warranty. Our 2022 Buyer’s Guide reviews SunPower, LG, Hanwha Q Cells, REC, and Solaria solar panels.

We think differently when comparing solar panels. It is easy to focus on just watts efficiency or price, but what’s also important is making sure you get the most value from your solar panels based on your situation. Here’s our guide to the best solar panels and our recommendations:

Leading Solar Panel Manufacturers

First we summarize our research on leading solar panel manufacturers and if the solar panels are made in America, including SunPower, LG, Panasonic, Solaria, Hanwha Q-Cells, REC solar.

Top 5 Solar Panel Manufacturers by Availability
  • Efficiency up to 22.8%
  • 25-year warranty, 92% production guarantee
  • Made in USA, Mexico, Philippines
  • Efficiency up to 21.9%
  • 25-year warranty, 92% production guarantee
  • Made in Singapore
  • Efficiency up to 22.1%
  • 25-year warranty, 90.08% production guarantee
  • Made in South Korea
  • Efficiency up to 20.4%
  • 25-year warranty, 88% production guarantee
  • Made in USA (Fremont, CA)
  • Efficiency up to 20.3%
  • 25-year warranty, 85% production guarantee
  • Made in South Korea (previously German company)

Best Solar Panels by Wattage

EnergyPal ranks the best solar panels by wattage or energy production rating for 2022. The highest rated panels are:

Top 10 Solar Panels based on Wattage 2022

1. 440w - LG NeON-R Series LG-440QAC-A6

2. 435 - SunPower M-Series SPR-M435-G-AC

3. 425 - SunPower A-Series SPR-A425-W-AC

4. 420 - SunPower A-Series SPR-A420-W-AC

5. 400 - Solaria PowerXT-400-PM-AC (400w)

6. 400 - SunPower A-Series SPR-A400-W-AC

7. 400 - Hanwha Q-Cells Peak DUO 400-AC

8. 395 - LG NeON-R Series LG-395Q1C-A6

9. 370 - SunPower X-Series SPR-X370-E-AC

10. 370w - LG NeON-R Series LG370Q1C-V5

Best Solar Panels by Module Efficiency

EnergyPal ranks the best solar panels by module efficiency rating for 2022. The highest rated panels are:

Top 5 Solar Panels based on Module Efficiency 2022
  1. 22.8% - SunPower A-Series
  2. 22.5% - SunPower M-Series
  3. 22.2% - SunPower X21-Series
  4. 21.5% - LG NeON-R Series
  5. 20.9% - REC Alpha Black REC355AA
  6. 20.4% - SunPower E-Series

Best Solar Panels by Warranty

EnergyPal ranks the best solar panel warranty by manufacturer for 2022. The highest production warranty and warranty terms are:

Top 5 Solar Panel Manufacturer Warranties 2022
  1. SunPower - 25 years, 92.0% original production
  2. REC - 25 years, 92.0% original production
  3. LG - 25 years, 90.8% original production
  4. Solaria - 25 years, 88% original production
  5. Hanwha QCells - 25 years, 85% original production

Best Solar Panels for The Money

The best solar panels for the money in 2022 depends on the specifics of your home location and roof characteristics. We’ve summarized this down for you based on our review of all available solar panels.

Recommended Best Solar Panels For Your Money 2022
  1. Large roof areas with clear southern exposure:
    1. SunPower X22-360W or X21-355W-BLK
  2. Smaller roofs with only partial southern exposure:
    1. SunPower A420 or SunPower A410
  3. Smaller roofs where the angles prevents use of A400:
    1. SunPower X22-X370W
  4. Partial shaded roofs or locations where electric rates are lower:
    1. REC 355A
  5. Lowest price yet still great quality panel and good warranty:
    1. Silfab 330W or Q-Cell 340W

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