Buyer's Guide 2023

Best Home Battery Systems

EnergyPal offers the best home battery storage and backup systems by power, cost & ratings. Our 2023 Buyers Guide reviews Enphase Encharge, Tesla Powerwall, SunPower Equinox, LG Chem and other home energy storage solutions.

What is the Best Battery for Solar Storage?

Home batteries used for solar storage and blackout backup power are proven additions to home solar panel systems. Generally the battery packs are used to store up low-cost electricity generated from solar panels and from the grid during off-peak hours. Then during high-cost peak utility rate hours or during a blackout the battery packs supply the stored electricity to power your home.

The 4 Best Solar Batteries September 2023


Powerwall 2




13.5 kWh


10 Years

Best Seller


IQ Battery 10




10.1 kWh


10 Years

Best Seller






13 KwH


10 Years






13.6 kWh


12 Years

Homeowners with solar plus batteries:

  • Feel more secure and independent
  • Avoid blackouts & power disruptions
  • Pay less to their utility company
  • Get greater tax rebates & incentives

Choosing the best battery packs for solar storage will depend on your location, size of your solar system, and home energy needs.

The top battery packs known by their brand names, SunPower Equinox, Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem, etc, all use Lithium-Ion battery cell technologies. They are differentiated by their battery cell manufacturers, brand marketing, software to manage the power cycles, pricing strategy and certified installers. The most popular and proven manufacturers of the internal battery cells are Sonnen, Panasonic and LG according to the chart below:

Battery "Pack" BrandsBattery Cell Manufacturer
SunPower Equinox
Tesla PowerWall
Generac PWRcell
Panasonic EverVolt
LG Chem

The best battery solution for your home will depend on several factors:

  • What is your annual and daily home power consumption?
  • What size is your existing solar system or what are you planning?
  • Do you want to run just critical electrical loads or everything including A/Cs?
  • Which batteries are offered in your area by skilled and licenced installers?
  • What's your budget?

Our experts at EnergyPal are here to help you answer these questions and choose the right battery system for your home.

Are Home Solar Batteries Worth It?

Generally, home batteries are financially “worth it” when two of three conditions are met:

  • You experience or are concerned about power outages
  • Your peak and off-peak utility power rates differ
  • You qualify for cash incentives for installing a battery

A clear security benefit of home batteries is having your own backup power during power outages or power disruptions. During these times, electricity from your home batteries could keep your refrigerator cold, lights on, fans and pumps running, mobile devices charged, security system active, and heating or cooling systems powered. With solar attached, your home could be self powered for days, and help prevent discomfort, expense, losses or damage!

Time-of-use arbitrage is a clear financial benefit if your utility company rates differ throughout the day. Your battery will store up power when it's cheap and sell the power back to your utility when it's the most expensive. Most home batteries have software that will automatically manage this process and save you money every day!

You may also qualify for current rebates and incentives for installing home batteries. Many states and local utilities are offering additional large cash incentives, especially when home batteries are attached to renewable energy systems like solar panels. Plus, the federal investment tax credit (ITC) applies to home batteries attached to solar, so now is a good time to look into how much you can save!

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