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Jerome Edgington

EnergyPal provided me with a wealth of information and guidance, and some very good proposals, in an unbiased way. The focus was always on my needs and specifics, with no sales pressure. Marcus was always responsive, resourceful and creative in helping me decide on my solar solution to going carbon free. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Nicholas Pabon

Lincoln was very patient and explained everything carefully and precisely. I felt like we were not being forced or sold on a product but thought about solar panel and able to make what we feel would be our best option. I highly recommend energy geeks and Lincoln.

Alfred Vouk

Mikaela thoroughly explained every step of the process and the technicalities with impressive knowledge and unlimited patience. EnergyPal is lucky to have her. We enjoyed working with Mikaela and are looking forward to our solar installation.

Dennis Newell

I have worked with John Kennedy from the beginning with my first inquiry into Solar Panels. I found John more than helpful proven by the fact that I went through with installation and in March of this year I was producing solar energy at my place of residence. I am more than happy with everything.

On a personal note I would like to comment on Mr. Kennedy's professionalism and knowledge of solar panels. As a customer I have always been treated with respect and kindness. Mr. Kennedy's knowledge and expertise were very helpful and very in depth, he was able to explain things in terms that were easy to understand and was available to help in anyway he could. I worked in Customer Support for 22 years and I know how it is supposed to work and I consider Mr, Kennedy and outstanding representative of his company and the product he represents.

I recommend EnergyPal Corporation and their product. Mr. Kennedy if an outstanding person to work with. Mr. Kennedy was able to pull the entire team together and I was very satisfied from installation to completion of my freedom from polluting the global environment by using solar panels. I personally have experienced generating up to six times the energy I was consuming and returned this energy to the grid in my area.

Mr. Kennedy and EnergyPal Corporation I consider to be outstanding in the business world today.

Gary Bates

Worked with Alex Nicol. Could not have been any more informative. Was a joy to work with. Answered all our questions asap. The whole process went smooth as glass. He coordinated everything and kept us in the loop all the time. Wonderful experience!!!!!!!

ardyth robinson

I have never had a better experience in making a major decision like this. Mikaela Preston is a cut above. She educated and walked me through overstep of this new installation and I can assure you there were many questions. I am confident I have made a decision that is best for me personally. This project coordinator has been an excellent representative professionally, with kind transparency and ethical, business procedure. She did everything she could to make this event understandable and easy. No big sales methods needed here. She clearly is also working for a good product.

Andrea Lindsay

Mikaela was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and patient with us as we explored our solar power options. Her manner was courteous and pleasant, and she walked us through the process in a very professional manner.

Betsy Ortolano

Lincoln was very helpful, answered all my questions and getting our panels installed today!

kathy mienko

I just started a solar lease search and Lincoln helped me tremendously. He has shown patience and shared his knowledge all to help me understand and pick the best option. I am very happy with the service!

James Crook

Well today John Kennedy and I finally were able to connect by phone after a bit of phone tag and I will say that John is a very knowledgeable person. Yes I know that he has to be for his job but to be able to answer the question posed to him and then have him say" well you know there are some more questions you did not ask". Then proceed to give Very important information was a bonus. The system is a confusing one for any individual and to have someone stay on the line and talk you thru all the paperwork and not get frustrated with my questions and fumbles was great. The computer work required seems daunting but with his assistance was accomplished smoothly. Thanks for an enjoyable experience.

Johnny Thach

Lincoln was very friendly and well informed on many solar companies and their options on paying for the solar systems. He provided me the best company that would fit my needs perfectly in my state. Any questions I asked were answered articulately. I highly recommend going through Lincoln and EnergyPal to save money on your energy needs. So far it looks like I will save 90% on my bill. Compared to Energy Sage, I got more than just quoted numbers, I got transparency and learned a lot from Lincoln. Thank you for everything Lincoln and EnergyPal!

Scott Holmwood

After getting tired of paying almost $400 a month in electricity bills, I recently made the decision to go solar at my home. I did some extensive research and decided to contract with EnergyPal. I started my solar journey with Alex Nicol, solar consultant. Alex has made this whole experience easy and care free for us to undertake. He consulted us on the right size system for our usage and home size. Never once tried to “oversell” the product and has explained the entire process in terms that anyone can understand. He broke it down to the basics of why Solar is such a viable energy source now compared to years ago. He mapped out the time line in the process and everything he sold is exactly what we got!! No smoke and mirrors!

As he said, Sun Power took over everything, no sub contacted work with any other company. The installation was completed yesterday and the crew was professional, experienced, and polite.

All were waiting on now is Eversource to swap out their meter and the Town to sign off and then we flip the switch and SAVE!!

Thank you to Alex, and Sun Power for their commitment to customer experience. So far, stellar treatment!! Very impressive

Russ Hokanson

EnergyPal did a fantastic job!!! They explained everything they were going to do, completed all of the work on time and cleaned all areas. I would definitely use them again!!!

Joseph Bernstein

Alexander Nicol has been very knowledgeable helpful and straightforward in our discussions of solar power systems. Even though we did not choose SunPower, we had an excellent experience and a good opinion of Alexander Nicol. and energy geeks

Bryan Cadogan

Working with Lincoln panasy was a absolute pleasure. I’ve never spoken to anyone so passionate about helping people go solar. You can really tell right away Lincoln is knowable, honest, and really cares about his role in guiding people through the process, and how solar works. He really takes the time to get to know your project site and will teach you all about solar till you feel confident about your decision to go solar, or if you decide not to that’s fine also he’s just happy to have the chance to educate someone on solar.

Mellisa Schrock

I would highly recommend this company for your solar system needs. I never thought I would get solar panels but I’m so thankful I did. Marcus Joo was absolutely great to work with...very informative and always returned my phone calls. The company handled the installation and kept me up to date with the progress. Definitely saving us money throughout the year! Noah and Mellisa

Celes Davar

We've been wanting to install solar PV for a couple of years. We were having some challenges with getting a solid quote from a solar installer in Nova Scotia, that would address all of the requirements for professional and technical support, accurate costs, timely responses, and a clear budget. We received all of these from Mikaela at EnergyPal. Including a very responsive communication thread to all of our questions. Her knowledge of the process, the content of the contract documents, and helpful customer service were all instrumental in helping us to make a decision to go with their proposal. Thank you very much! Looking forward to the next steps and the install.

Sally Miller

I'm still a newbie but thus far everything had been outstanding. Alex has been very helpful on the geeks end and Damian was perfect on the sun power side. I'm looking forward to not dreading my electric bill in the mail

Romina K

We received our first bill and all I have to say is I'm so thankful for this company. We had a great experience dealing with their kind team. No pressure, very informative, and definitely looking out for my family's best interest. Our $80 savings compared to last year this time proved that. Thanks a bunch.

Bob Lees

From speaking with Alex back in February, when we decided to have a couple of trees removed, and Alex was so understanding and not pushy about calling back in a few months, I knew I was in great hands! We resumed the process in early June, and Alex has given me options and advice that really put me at ease. Very glad to be a part of the Sunpower - EnergyPal family, and looking forward to lowering my grid footprint. Thank you Alex, EnergyPal and Sunpower!

Laura Reasons

Lincoln at EnergyPal has been very friendly and knowledgeable. He did a great job of making difficult concepts easy to understand. Still going through the process, but so far so good!

Tony Riccardo

I had a ready good experience with my consult. Alex was knowledgeable and relatable. He took the time to answer all my questions.

Joakim Gomes

It was really informative working with John Kennedy from the beginning, he is very forthcoming and knowledgeable on solar panels which helped me in making the decision to go ahead.

Sobol Family

Great experience working with Lincoln to set us up with a great solar system for our new home.

Natalie Bassano

We have had a great experience with EnergyPal, thanks to Lincoln Panasy. He has taken so much time to explain everything and has been extremely helpful through out the whole process.

Gerald H. Martin Sr.

I spoke with Mr. Lincoln Panasy ( of EnergyGreeks Corp.) today and signed up with Sunpower to supply solar energy to my home residence. Lincoln was very articulate in explaining the equipment, savings, and overall benefit of changing over to solar energy while state and federal incentives exist. Lincoln was extremely honest, patient and knowable about the entire process. Lincoln was also very personable as we discussed how his father and I shared common automobile knowledge and experience with old school cars. There was a conform zone created that provided the foundation to establish a communication of trust and assurance. I plan to continue communication with Lincoln as this project progresses.

Gerald H Martin

Tom K

Pleasure working with Lincoln Panasy through our almost year-long decision and planning process to go Solar! He is experienced, engaging, and committed -- fantastic consultant!

John Molenda

Very helpful and informative. We started the process of using the sun for power. A big shoutout to Lincoln. Thanks.

Ling Lovanh

Very knowledgeable & professional! Their expertise in their products was very refreshing & they took the time to tell me about all aspects to make sure I was properly educated. I was very impressed with the way they handled everything & am very happy with my decision to get my solar panels :)

Surround Inc

They assisted with our company solar project. I'll be sending referrals to you guys with confidence. World class company. Thanks all who were involved. -Mike

David Morley

Sam has been great to work with, he has been very patient and diligently answered all of our questions.