What is the Best Way to Finance Solar?

EnergyPal provides the best ways to finance solar with our industry leading solar lease, solar loan and cash purchase options. Think of solar financing like buying and financing a car, with the added benefit of solar panels saving you money on your energy bills now and in the future.

There are 3 ways to go solar: you can buy your solar system outright, secure a loan to pay for it or choose a leasing program. Whichever option you choose, solar panels can lower your price for home energy and put more money back in your pocket. Our expert Advisors will help you understand and choose the best option, here's how they compare:

Solar Buy

  • Highest Return-On-Investment
  • Reduce Bills to Essentially $0
  • Increases Home Value

Buying Solar Outright: Homeowners with higher taxes often pay for their solar all up front and have the greatest return-on-investment over the lifetime of the system. With a cash buy, the homeowner can claim all tax credits and rebates, avoid financing charges, and directly benefit from the savings on their electric bills. We have customers that have essentially no electric bills from the day they install solar. We offer premium products at great cash prices.

Solar Loan

  • No Upfront Cost
  • Own Your System
  • Increases Home Value

Solar Loan Financing: Using a solar loan helps you save and own your own solar since our financiers pay the upfront costs for your solar system (just like a car loan). Homes with solar systems are worth more because they're less expensive to operate. Depending on the solar loan you choose you can save more each month or finish your financing sooner. Our experts will help you secure the best rates and terms to meet your needs. Ask us about our latest offerings.

Solar Lease

  • $0 Down
  • Full Maintenance
  • Pay Less Monthly
  • Guaranteed Rates

Solar Leasing: Leasing solar panels is an easy and affordable way to go solar. There is no upfront cost, known as $0 down solar financing, all of the installation & maintenance is taken care of, and your home is credited with the energy the solar panels produce. You simply pay a fixed monthly payment and save each month versus your current electric bill. The solar power production and lower electric rate are guaranteed.

All of our products come with service and warranties.

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