Brand Assets

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Describing EnergyPal

If you are featuring EnergyPal, use consistent language throughout all communications. EnergyPal provides homeowners with better energy products, better value and pricing, and overall a better shopping experience.

Brand Motto

EnergyPal: Solar & Home Batteries for Less!

Brand Slogan

Save more, get more with EnergyPal.

Short Description

EnergyPal helps you go solar, for less. Find the best deals on top-rated solar & home battery systems, compare costs and shop stress-free.


EnergyPal is a multinational provider of high quality energy solutions. We give homeowners the best value, guidance and support in choosing solar power and battery storage. Our platform offers industry-leading energy products and services and delivers financial savings through customer choice, wholesale pricing, proprietary technology and digital operations. Please visit or call +1 (800) 990-3725 to learn more.

Verbal Pointers

  • EnergyPal’s Advisors will get you the best solar energy package for your home.
  • EnergyPal is an unbiased service to assist you in shopping for the best-fit energy solution for your home.

Tone and Voice

Reflect our brand personality through a consistent tone and voice. Maintain a balance between the following:

  • Authoritative: EnergyPal is your trusted source for expert insights in the solar energy industry. Our tone is professional and authoritative, backed by decades of experience and a deep understanding of solar power, home energy use, utility rates, EV charging, and battery storage.
  • Approachable: At EnergyPal, we're your friendly Energy Advisors on your switch to solar journey. Our tone is approachable, like a conversation with a knowledgeable, experienced friend who's always ready to share insights and help you figure out the best solution.
  • Reliable: When you choose EnergyPal, you're choosing customer trust and reliability. Our tone is steadfast, delivering accurate solar and energy solutions information you can depend on. You can also depend on EnergyPal to advocate for you the customer to ensure your project is done right.
  • Honest: EnergyPal believes honesty is the best policy and our path to being the #1 solar energy marketplace and shopping platform. Our tone is down-to-earth and honest, giving you straightforward information, and side-by-side product comparisons, without any hidden agendas.

Our Logo

The EnergyPal logo can be used in color or white. Please don't alter the EnergyPal brand logo in any way. Use approved logo variations provided in the brand assets package. Do not alter the logo's proportions, colors, or elements. Maintain adequate clear space around the logo. This area should be free from text, images, or other elements to ensure visibility and impact.

Full Logo

Our logo includes our name written as a mark. When displayed on white or bold blue it is shown in two-tone. When on gray or black, it is shown as a single tone. Preserve the logo's legibility by avoiding resizing below the specified dimensions. For smaller applications, use alternative logo versions as provided.

Logo Mark

Our Colors

Our primary color palette is composed of a bold blue, a medium gray, and white. We use a light powder blue and various shades of grey as secondary colors.

EnergyPal Bold Blue
rgb(17, 85, 204)
EnergyPal Powder Blue
rgb(201, 218, 248)
Medium Gray
rgb(136, 136, 136)
rgb(255, 255, 255)


Photography Style: Use photography that aligns with our brand's tone and values, portraying a consistent visual narrative. This means up to date and modern home solar panel and battery products are shown in imagery.

Imagery 1
Imagery 2
Imagery 3
Imagery 4
Imagery 5
Imagery 6

Iconography: When using icons, maintain a consistent style that resonates with our brand identity. Stick to our brand colors, while keeping a professional and modern look.


Font Selection: Headings are Montserrat. Roboto is the official brand typeface for both print and digital materials. Maintain consistent font usage for body text to uphold the brand's character.

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