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Describing EnergyPal

If you are featuring EnergyPal, use consistent language.

Brand Motto

EnergyPal: Solar & Home Batteries for Less!

Short Description

EnergyPal helps you go solar, for less. Find the best deals on top-rated solar & home battery systems, compare costs and install with ease.


EnergyPal is a multinational provider of high quality energy solutions. We give homeowners and businesses the best value, guidance and support in choosing solar power and battery storage. Our platform offers industry-leading energy products and services and delivers financial savings through customer choice, lower pricing, proprietary technology and efficient operating practices. Please visit or call +1 (800) 990-3725 to learn more.

Verbal Pointers
  • The team at EnergyPal are energy geeks that help homeowners go solar for less!
  • The solar experts at EnergyPal will help you get the best solar system for your home
  • Better Solar, Better Prices, Better Support.

Our Logo

The EnergyPal logo can be used in color or white. Please don't alter the EnergyPal brand logo in any way.

Full Logo

Our logo includes our name written as a mark. When displayed on white or bold blue it is shown in two-tone. When on grey or black, it is shown as a single tone.

Logo Mark

Our Colors

Our primary color palette is composed of a bold blue, a medium gray, and white. We use a light powder blue and various shades of grey as secondary colors.

EnergyPal Bold Blue
rgb(17, 85, 204)

EnergyPal Powder Blue
rgb(201, 218, 248)

Medium Gray
rgb(136, 136, 136)

rgb(255, 255, 255)


We try to keep our fonts clean, well-spaced, and easy to read.


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