Sunnova Solar Panels and What To Expect During The Year

The amount of energy your home solar system produces varies over the course of a calendar year. As an owner of the solar system, or if you’re considering going solar, it's helpful to understand the factors that impact your solar production.

Throughout the four seasons, during sunny months your system will produce more energy. In the winter, when days are shorter and the sun is out less, your system will produce less energy. If it's rainy and cloudy for several days, your production may be limited and you may have to pull additional electricity from your utility provider to meet your energy demands. At night when the sun's not out, your system won't generate energy at all.

The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to seasonal changes and solar energy production is that seasonality does not affect your overall annual production estimates. Throughout the year your home solar system will have high production days and low production days. Solar production is dynamic. The true value of your solar system should be measured over the course of a year to take into account your changing energy usage and production over all seasons. Sunnova will keep track of how your system is doing every day of the year, so you can rest assured knowing that no matter what season you're in, we're delivering on our energy commitment to you.

If your utility company provides net metering, you can use solar energy credits to offset your electricity cost. Here's how it works. On a sunny day, your home solar system may generate more energy than you and your home need. That excess energy will be sent back to the grid, and your utility will give you energy credits for you to use at another time. In times when your solar system produces less energy than your home needs, your utility provider will apply the credits that you stored to reduce the amount you pay on energy pulled from the grid.

The specifics of net metering depend on your utility company, and we recommend you call them for further details. If you still have questions regarding solar production or billing, visit for more information, or contact customer service. We're available and here to help.

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