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I started working at a utility company that outsourced contractors to do green energy installations in offices and residencies. Pretty standard stuff. However, one thing that many customers complained about was having a contractor come to their property and state that they needed a completely new system installed. This usually came with an overinflated price tag attached and no explanation as to why this was necessary. Understandably, this left a lot of customers frustrated and unhappy with services.I am passionate about energy efficiency. I believe in a world worth preserving for future generations. But Im not just interested in coming up with renewable solutions. I feel the client has the right to know what the best answer is for them, with a fair price, and a solid education on how the process works. This is why we recommend energy audits for customers: theyre not just a cost saver for the buyer, but they help to make a cognizant decision. Informed customers are far more likely to go green. They know its not only better for the environment; its better for their wallets.Education doesnt start and end with buyers, either. Access Green is as dedicated to its work in local job training as it is in any other area. The economy is just as important in societys ability to function as the environment. Washington DC is simultaneously one of the wealthiest cities in the country, and home to one of the highest unemployment rates in the eastern wards of the city. Obviously this imbalance needs to be fixed, particularly in an age where the national economy remains stagnant. Access Green is proud to play a role in any way we can in that process. This is what separates Access Green from other companies. Our mantra: education is the key to creating a healthier world.Access Green: Saving Energy. Money. Planet.

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  • 617 Rhode Island Avenue NE Suite C, Washington DC, 20002
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