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Both State Federal Agencies offer charitable cash rebates, tax credits/grants as well as other beneficial incentives. All these can reduce your project cost upto 55%. These beneficial incentives help turn an expense item into an eye catching long-term investment asset that will pay you dividends well into the future.Working together with our suppliers, Aliso Electric understands the factors that go into making your purchase decision, and will help you choose the best strategy for becoming energy independent.Our exceptional team brings you the strongest design recommendations, installation expertise and financial advice available to create an aesthetically-welcome, energy efficient and cost-saving solar system specific to your needs.Alisos architecturally-trained designers and licensed engineers design renewable energy systems for residential, commercial and new construction projects in California, Georgia and more states to come. Focused in quality management, Aliso matches its essential part of the design and financial capability with our installation expertise and cutting-edge products to create unmatched, reliable solar systems for its customers.

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