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Alpha Energy Management Inc

Alpha Energy Management Inc
48273 Lakeview Blvd, Fremont CA, 94538
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Alpha Energy Management Inc. (AEM Inc.) is headquartered in Fremont, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Alpha Energy Management Inc. was established in 2001, which was part of the Company Society of Myn Tahl Corporation and I-Mobil that focused in the Telecom sector and Electronic components manufacturing. Their support of AEM Inc. in finance, logistics and sourcing has helped later to move AEM Inc. in 2010, concentrating only in Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Solutions for Non Profit & Commercial Clients. AEM Inc. is one of the very few woman owned businesses that is knowledgeable and experienced in Solar & Renewable Energy development, concentrating in the Commercial Solar, Energy Storage & other Energy Efficiency Measures in the West Coast , by providing a total Holistic Green Sustainability Approach. AEM Inc. is helping Commercial, Industrial, Non-Profits & Agricultural clients create Lower Operating Costs and Increase Profit Margins by offering the combination of Solar, Battery Storage, HVAC, LEDs & other Energy Efficiency Solutions for Commercial Buildings, Multi-Family Buildings an One Stop Energy Management Solution. Creating Energy Insurance Plans for Buildings Against High Utility Energy Costs with a complete Holistic Overview Approach, by performing Free Energy Feasibility Study of their Buildings & Properties.

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  • 48273 Lakeview Blvd, Fremont CA, 94538
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