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Amatis Controls
400 W Main Street Suite 110, Aspen CO, 81611
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We work to improve the efficiency of the built environment be it residential, commercial or industrial by providing metering, monitoring, and controls for energy systems, mechanical systems, and lighting. Amatis offers customers detailed data on The Energy of Things, taking building analytics into the next generation of technology.All of the data that our meters produce is transmitted live via the Internet to our cloud-based Energy Dashboard. This allows you to analyze your buildings energy consumption, cost savings, carbon savings and graphical data. Installers can use our fleet view to remotely monitor the meters online from any computer, tablet or Smartphone. A basic traffic light system displays when a product has a fault and saves costly journeys to the site.Amatis is backed by Two Seven Ventures, a clean-tech VC. Advisors include two former Fortune 500 executives with 50 years combined experience in commercializing, launching, and marketing tech products.

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  • 400 W Main Street Suite 110, Aspen CO, 81611
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