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Apec Solar

Apec Solar
10700 Jersey Blvd Suite 750, Rancho Cucamonga CA, 91730
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Apec Solar was founded by an entrepreneur surrounded by a family of civil servants. From Civil Service employees, to Armed Force service men and women, to Police Officers, Firemen and general and special educators he was submerged in a culture of helping others. From this culture, grew the necessity to open and operate a small local business that put honor, honesty, integrity and value at the forefront of his company. It has been the company mission to educate our local communities about the benefits of going solar, conserving energy, and offering it at prices that will not put their families into financial distress. Not only do we want to honor every dollar of the hard working people we serve, we want to give back to causes that are dear to us, so we pledge to give 1% of our sales to charities such as Autism Research. It is Apec Solars belief that Positive Social Change starts with good heart-ed people and that small business should follow suit.


  • Residential Solar Electric
  • Commercial Solar Electric
  • Storage
  • Energy Monitoring

Office Locations

  • 10700 Jersey Blvd Suite 750, Rancho Cucamonga CA, 91730
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