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Ohio Solar

Solar energy has been steadily gaining ground in Ohio, with a growing emphasis on local incentives to drive its adoption. The state's diverse geography, from urban centers to rural landscapes, offers ample potential for solar power generation. Ohio's commitment to renewable energy is reflected in its efforts to promote solar installations through various local incentives, fostering a sustainable energy future.

Net metering, the SREC program, and property tax exemptions all play pivotal roles in driving the growth of solar energy within the state. These incentives not only contribute to cleaner energy but also enhance economic development and create opportunities for innovation in Ohio's solar industry.

Local incentives such as the Renewable Energy Standard, net metering, tax credits, and community solar programs have all played a vital role in promoting solar adoption. These incentives not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also stimulate economic growth, job creation, and technological innovation within the state's solar industry.

Let’s learn about home solar incentives, the utility policies associated with interconnection and setup, and solar financing plans for solar panels and battery systems in Ohio.

Incentive Programs, Tax Credits, and

Solar Rebates in Ohio

Federal ITC - 30%Solar PV systems installed in 2022 - 2032 are eligible for a 30% tax credit. The credit can only be claimed by on the original installation of the solar equipment located at a residence of yours. You must also purchase it using cash or financing, but you're not leasing the system or paying a solar company for the electricity produced by the system.
Instant Rebate from EnergyPalEnergyPal secures group discounts by leveraging the depth of our network. We pass these savings onto homeowners every day!
Net MeteringOhio's net metering policy allows solar producers to sell their surplus energy back to the grid, earning credits on their electricity bills. These credits are granted at the full retail rate set by the utility.
Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)Solar producers in Ohio are eligible to receive Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), earning one SREC for each megawatt-hour (MWh) of power generated. SRECs offer a valuable income stream for residential solar system owners. The value of each SREC in Ohio varies based on prevailing market conditions.
Qualified Energy Project Tax ExemptionThrough the Qualified Energy Project Tax Exemption, solar producers are granted an exemption from personal property tax imposed by public utilities. To qualify, you need to complete an application and secure approval from the state.
Energy Conservation for Ohioans (ECO-Link)Program Ohio homeowners can access affordable solar financing via the ECO-Link program. Solar loans of up to $50,000 are eligible for a 3% interest rate reduction. Specific eligibility criteria and restrictions should be reviewed prior to applying.

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Other Solar Energy Incentives

The US federal government helps residents and businesses pay for their solar systems. The federal investment tax credit (ITC) allows for a tax deduction of 30% of the cost of a solar system currently. Tax credits can be rolled over if you can’t use the whole credit this year. The ITC cannot be claimed for solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs) where the third party financier takes the credits themselves, but that is typically baked into a reduced lease/PPA monthly for you.

If you purchased a $20,000 system, your savings from the federal tax credit would look like this:

$20,000 X 0.30 = $6,000 savings

Home Solar Financing in Ohio

There are three pathways to powering your home with solar energy in Ohio: purchasing the solar system outright, obtaining a loan for its financing, or opting for a leasing program. Solar systems can be financed by bank loans, solar installer financing, new home mortgages, energy loans and home equity loans or lines of credit. Cash works too. Regardless of your choice, solar panels can reduce your home energy expenses, contributing to financial savings and a cleaner power supply. Our Energy Advisors can guide you to the best solar deals in Ohio. Here's a comparison:

Solar Purchase

  • Optimal Return-On-Investment
  • Potential Reduction of Bills to near $0
  • Enhances Property Value

Outright Solar Purchase: Homeowners with a stronger financial position often cover the full cost of solar upfront, yielding the highest return-on-investment over the system's lifespan. By paying in cash, homeowners in Ohio can claim tax credits and rebates, avoid interest charges, and directly enjoy the savings on their electricity bills. Some of our customers experience virtually no electricity expenses from the moment they install solar. We offer top-tier products at attractive cash prices.

Solar Loan

  • No Initial Expenses
  • Ownership of the System
  • Appreciates Property Value

Solar Loan Financing: Utilizing a solar loan enables you to save and own your solar system, as our financiers cover the upfront expenses (similar to an auto loan). Homes equipped with solar systems command higher value due to their lower operational costs. Depending on the chosen solar loan, you can achieve greater monthly savings or complete your financing earlier. Our team will help you secure the most favorable rates and terms to match your requirements. To learn about our latest offerings, connect with us

Solar Lease

  • No Initial Investment Required
  • Complete Maintenance Coverage
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Guaranteed Rates

Solar Leasing: Leasing solar panels provides an accessible and cost-effective path to solar adoption. With zero upfront costs—often referred to as “$0 down solar financing“—installation and maintenance are entirely managed, and your home benefits from the energy generated by the solar panels. You pay a consistent monthly fee and save compared to your existing electricity bill. The reduced electricity rate are what many homeowners like about this option.

Talk to your EnergyPal Advisor about financing solar options in Ohio. We regularly source the best deals and terms for our customers. Let us guide you through the finance and application process from A-Z.

Find The Best Deals On Home Solar In Ohio

Step 1 of 4

Do you own or rent your property?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth going solar in Ohio?

In most cases, yes, solar will save you a significant amount of money. Solar panels produce electricity and reduce how much power you have to purchase from your electric company. The typical homeowner in Ohio pays around 15.49¢ cents per Kilowatthour.

What is the payback period for solar panels in Ohio?

Homeowners who install a solar array sized to meet 100 percent of their energy needs can still pay off the upfront cost in as little as 5-6 years. The typical payback period in Ohio averages 6.7 years.

How much are solar panels in Ohio?

As of August 2023, the average solar panel cost in Ohio is $2.98/W. Given a solar panel system size of 6 kilowatts (kW), an average solar installation in Ohio is $12,516 with 30% tax credit applied.

What incentives are available for solar in Ohio?

Solar installations in Ohio are eligible for the 30% solar tax credit. Connect with us to learn more about all the local Ohio incentives, tax credits & rebates you qualify for.




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