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Luigi | USA

I have had good experience with IGS and very good service they explain in details about services and how the company operates.

stacy l huber | Manahawkin, NJ

The worst company I ever dealt with. EVER. They don't even follow their there own contract. They even got the tax write off for damaging my property and ripping me off every month. I can't even get a bill from them. I not only saved no money, but I ceiling damage STAY AWAY FROM THIS SOLAR COMPANY. I can't even give them 1 star but they are making me to post Stacy

Anupam Pradhan | Brooklyn, NY

I live in NY, my Cust No is 19ZJT5N, and the account No is 5899248 respectively. This is a very dubious company! I have been trying getting a response from the customer service in writing since almost 8 months now but all in vain. We Installed the solar panels last year but in the paperwork it was never shown how much are the Gross System Cost, ASI Rebate, New System Cost, Federal Tax Credit, NY State Tax Credit, Total Tax Credit, Net System Cost etc.,. I called them 3 times and always after some hold when I talk to the customer service rep they, mentions it is there in the documents section in the account...which account? I have access to all the accounts. The account have the contract signed documents and the payment method agreement documents and nothing. If anything is missing, then I already requested and why it is not included. In addition, I believe it is a law in NY that you should provide all information pertaining to financial transactions. Customers stay alert and if you choose to go with Momentum then you must ask for all of this info. Other companies from whom I discussed they offered all these info right in front. Had I knew that IGS is the financial company for Momentum then I would have never proceeded? I therefore request all potential customers to open their eyes when signing a contract with Momentum solar.

Paul Hamilton | LA

I'm never one to write bad reviews, but when you are reading through the other bad reviews on this website, It is for a reason. This company doesn't care about it's customers once they are under contract. I've have 9 faulty solar panels for over 2 months, and even though I call every single week to see if they scheduled a date to fix them, they tell me they haven't heard anything back from scheduling. Solar panels aren't a bad investment, I just wouldn't use this company.

Sylvanus egbunam | Brooklyn, NY

IGS the Worst Solar Energy Company. I will never refer anyone to Igs. In the first place I was not dealing with IGS at the initial start and I did not know how they took over to become the solar energy that signed my contract. Deceit number one. For the past 12 months now, I have not enjoyed my decision switching to solar energy. IGS will look at my Coned bill to split usage and compared my coned usage to install panels which at the end does not serve the purpose. It has been one headache or the other with IGS. Please never use IGS for any reason above the sun. There's nothing change for good for choosing solar system. I'm regretting it because the bill I'm receiving from both ends ( Coned & IGS) does not worth it. IGS company is not company to go with. Please skip them and use better company. Sylvanus /Juliana Egbunam

Espinety 1006 | Yonkers, NY

If you are looking for a solar company, please skip this one. The contract is bs and the signing process was just as bad. They only looked at one Coned bill to determine my usage prior to intalling the panels and now that I have intalled split units in my home, they are not willing to do a consultation without 12 months worth of coned bills. Strange right? 1 bill to sign but 12 bills to reevaluate the number of panels. Please go with a legit company and not IGS. This mistake will coat me years.

Betty Piquion | Smithtown, NY

Worse company ever. I asked to remove their service, and they told me that I am stuck with a 25 years contract. I am waiting for my attorney to get a final result. It looks like it is going to be a battle. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

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What To Look For In A Solar Installer?

When looking for a solar installer, it's essential to consider various factors to ensure you choose a reputable and competent company that meets your needs.

When selecting an installer like IGS Solar consider:

Experience and Reputation:

Look for a company with a solid track record and years of experience in the solar industry. Read the latest IGS Solar solar reviews from past customers to gauge their reputation.

Certifications and Licenses:

Ensure the installer holds the necessary licenses and certifications required in your area. Look for certifications from organizations like the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) to verify their expertise.

Quality Products and Technology:

Inquire about the types and brands of solar panels, inverters, and other equipment they use. Quality matters for long-term performance. Ask if they offer the latest solar technologies, such as high-efficiency panels or energy storage solutions.

Learn more: Best Solar Panels for Homes | Top Solar Batteries

Warranty Information:

Understand the warranties they offer for equipment and workmanship. A reputable installer should provide comprehensive warranties. The majority of modern solar panels are equipped with a warranty spanning 20 to 30 years, encompassing both the product's integrity and its energy output. An ordinary workmanship warranty offered by a certified company typically provides coverage for solar panels for an average period of 10 years.

Transparent Pricing and Contracts:

Get detailed solar quotes that include all costs, from equipment and labor to permits and inspections. Review the contract carefully to ensure it's clear and transparent, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Local Knowledge:

Choose a company familiar with local building codes, regulations, and permitting processes. This can expedite the installation and ensure compliance.

Customized Design:

Look for companies who provide custom solar system designs tailored to your specific energy needs and property characteristics.

Energy Production Estimates:

The installer should provide accurate estimates of how much energy the system will generate, factoring in local climate conditions and other key influences. If your estimated solar savings are much higher with one solar company, you'll want to inquire further to ensure their savings projections aren't skewed to close the sale. Connect with us for a free estimate.

Financing Options:

Inquire about solar financing options, including purchase, lease, or power purchase agreements (PPAs). Ensure you know the pros and cons of each option.

Customer Service:

Assess their responsiveness and willingness to answer your questions and concerns and consider the installer's commitment to your project satisfaction. Throughout your solar process we’ll advocate for you, ensuring your solar project is done right.

References and Recommendations:

Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have installed solar panels. Ask the installer for references from past clients who can share their experiences. You can also read the latest reviews on IGS Solar.

Multiple Quotes:

Don't hesitate to obtain quotes from multiple installers to compare pricing, services, and warranties. Hint: We can help!

Financing and Incentive Knowledge:

Ensure the installer is knowledgeable about available incentives, tax credits, rebates and financing options. At EnergyPal, we’ll help maximize your savings.

Safety Practices:

Confirm that the installer adheres to safety protocols during installation to protect both workers and your property.

By researching and considering these factors, you can select a reputable solar installer who will provide a quality solar energy system and a positive experience throughout the installation process. Connect with us to learn more about the best solar installers in your area.

How Do I Compare Solar Installation Options?

To make an informed decision when comparing solar installation options, start by determining your energy needs and seeking multiple quotes from reputable installers. Examine the quality of equipment, evaluate proposed system designs, and consider financing options, factoring in total costs and long-term savings. Assess warranties, support, and the installer's experience while also checking for customer feedback and references. Gauge their responsiveness and customer service, ensuring they educate you about the process. Consider an installer's licensing, and certifications. Request accurate energy production estimates and review contracts for transparency. By evaluating these factors, you can confidently choose the solar installation option that aligns with your energy goals and budget. Connect with us for a free quote.

Steps for Installing Solar Panels

  • Qualification: Contact solar companies through web forms, referrals, or flyers. Answer questions to determine eligibility.
  • System Design: Receive initial solar system design in a proposal. Review the design and consider panel placement, avoiding “under-sizing“ or “oversizing.“
  • Compare Quotes: Evaluate quotes, considering factors like monthly payments, power output, and system details. Seek guidance to simplify the comparison.
  • Contract Signing: Select a company and panel design, understand and sign the contract.
  • Site Survey: Technician assesses the site for solar panel installation, checking roof orientation and structural integrity.
  • Engineering: Behind-the-scenes process finalizes system layout, electrical configuration, and structural safety for permit submission.
  • Permitting: The company obtains necessary permits and approvals, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Installation: Expert team mounts panels, installs wiring and inverters, connects the system to the grid.
  • System Activation: Request final inspections, obtain permission to operate (PTO) from the utility, and turn on the system. Monitoring apps track power generation. From a signed contract to installation and system activation this process can take two to six months to complete. Check out our article for a more indepth look into the solar installation process.

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IGS Solar Solar Review Conclusion

Prior to making a decision to work with IGS Solar, homeowners should thoroughly review multiple solar installation providers and quotes. This ensures they can secure the most suitable choices, advantages, and cost-effectiveness that align with their specific requirements.

Our impartial advisors are here with your best interests in mind. We listen, educate, and guide you to ensure you find the energy solution that's the perfect fit for your home.

We provide free custom designs tailored precisely to your home's unique requirements, allowing you to compare programs side by side.

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