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The Rail Guy | San Marcos, Texas

My experience Jameson & Longhorn Solar Inc. was great. I would recommend Longhorn Solar to others. I am more than satisfied with there performance and cooperation. I originally had a 42 panel system installed with out batteries in 2017 (based on 80% average usage). Problem was when the grid goes down the panels are useless. System upgrade: Longhorn Solar installed a TESLA (2)battery system last fall and then 8 additional panels this spring. Love the system and on most sunny days I am able to operate 100% self powered! Wow...

Eric | Elgin, Texas

I was hesitant about getting solar installed from the horror stories I’ve heard. Well I have to say there is a reason Longhorn Solar has been around for as long as they have. They didn’t try up sale me on a system I didn’t need were very thorough every step of the way. Even when through no fault of there own when weather conditions prevented them from installing my system on the scheduled date. They made up for it by coming out the next day with double the crew to install the system. Now I am looking forward to geeking out with monitoring system and watching my system safe me money. Also continued work with Longhorn Solar in the years to come.

Wayne | Cedar Park, Texas

Longhorn Solar is a local company committed to customer satisfaction rather than growing larger. The sales rep knew her stuff. The original proposal was scaled to our current electric consumption. After we checked out some reviews, people said they wished they had purchased a system to accommodate increased energy needs over time. The Longhorn rep put together a new proposal to cover 120% of our current usage. I am glad we went with the larger system and battery. Everyone we interacted with at Longhorn was trustworthy, professional and personable. It's a process. Things don't always go as planned, but Longhorn kept their promises. The service, expertise, quality and value are there. I would highly recommend Kathie Millen and her team to set you up with the right solar system.

MB | Austin, Texas

We purchased a home a year ago that had panels installed by Longhorn Solar - but we knew very little about whether they were working as they should or what maintenance they might need. We reached out to Longhorn and talked with Jameson, who responded really promptly to my inquiry. He was able to view our panel's performance remotely, and let us know that there were a few components that needed some repair/optimization. (It is an 8 year old system.) Then he informed us that the repairs would be covered under the warranty, which was a big surprise, as warranties don't always transfer to new owners. We are really happy to have panels installed by a company that stands by their equipment and installation no matter who owns the property - and were really grateful for Jameson's excellent customer service!

Leo | Plano, Texas

Update: Installer corrected the problem by installing a new inverter, 26 days after reported.<br /><br />I paid a system in full with longhorn solar, the system did not last 1 year, a broken inverter.<br /><br />Longhorn keeps claiming chain supply issues while still getting new businesses, but not repairing mine.<br /><br />Their support system is basically none, one email contact that might or might not reply you in 3 days if you are lucky, and never gives a clear answer.<br /><br />I have a dead system, including a 16kw battery.<br /><br />Lesson learned, Look somewhere else, and force them to put a specific repair time window in your contracts.

Patricia Mills | Round Top, Texas

This company’s response to problems with their equipment is terrible-no response to email/texts. 2 weeks of contacts before a real person responds. Our inverters have stopped working at least 3 times since installation.

Bruce Cardwell | Austin, Texas

I signed my contract with Longhorn Solar at the end of August 2021. Here it is September 27, 2022 and my system is yet to be installed where it will pass even a simple test of turning off the Grid power and seeing how long we can live on our Sonnen EcoLynx20 battery. Test FAILED at one hour and it powered down the whole house with 86% battery charge showing remaining. Attempted to address this issue with Sonnen, whatever changes they made powered down the battery completely. I was told I could power the battery back up and all should be well. Not a chance, battery will not power up, we are dead in the water as far as battery backup goes. Sonnen said that given it would not power up I needed to talk with my installer to remedy the situation. I contacted them over 10 business days ago and copied in everyone I had an email address for and all I have heard is crickets. Today we heard reports that thousands of folks in Austin are without power, luckily not us, however my wife heard that story and she is not at all happy and called Longhorn today to receive a message that the tech support folks had forgotten that we were down. If you decide to go with this company demand a 40% 30% 30% payment schedule, holding 10% of their final payment is not enough to even get the time of day from them with their standard 20 40 30 10% schedule. So as it stands now they have 90% of my money and I have no battery backup, no solar feeding into the system when the Grid power is turned Off and a very unhappy wife. I'm not very happy either and today my patience has ended also.

Alexandra McLarty | Grapevine, Texas

I would love to leave Longhorn a good review, but unfortunately I just can’t. The sales process was clear and smooth, but installation was, frankly, a nightmare. I’ve had many companies work on my house, and Longhorn is by far the least responsive and least reliable company I’ve worked with. I regret selecting them, especially since I’ll need to rely on them to service the system in the future too. I should have canceled my contract at the first sign of trouble. Don’t make my mistake. My install date was pushed back multiple times over two and a half months with little to no communication. I didn’t even know our late May date was canceled until no one showed up on the day the project was scheduled to start, even though I’d called and emailed my project manager multiple times that week to confirm it (she never returned my calls or emails). When installation was finally set to begin, there were issues immediately. Despite claiming they only use in-house teams, a subcontracted company installed my panels. The battery team from Longhorn and the subcontracted panel team were not on the same page, and in fact didn’t even know about each other at first. It took over a month and a half from the panels and batteries beginning installation to finally being completed. During that time, my voicemails and emails were almost never returned. I learned that I had to catch someone in the office if I wanted a response, but that I had to call outside of their daily morning multi-hour all hands meeting, where no one in the office is accessible at all. Even when I was rarely able to catch my project manager on the phone, she was almost never able to tell me anything other than that she’d ask her manager at the next day’s all hands meeting and call me back. Which, of course, regularly didn’t actually happen. When someone would finally be scheduled to come finish installation, usually 1-2 weeks out if I was lucky, they often failed to show up at all or didn’t send enough people to complete the work, meaning things would be pushed out another week or more just to get another appointment scheduled. It took over 3 weeks (and multiple missed or canceled appointments) just to get someone to come back out to commission the batteries when the panels were finally done. When my system failed the QC inspection, I almost cried out of frustration knowing it would take weeks and dozens of calls to get things fixed (which it did). I spent hours every week just trying to reach someone and get on their schedule. Fortunately, Danny became involved in the project towards the end. While he wasn’t able to single-handedly fix all of the issues Longhorn has and things haven’t been smooth even with his help, it was refreshing to be able to reach someone reliably and to be in contact with someone with the ability to get things rolling. I appreciate his efforts. I can’t imagine how much longer my project would have taken to finish without his help. When installation was finally complete, I was told someone would walk me through my system and that I’d receive an owner’s manual. It’s now been over two months and despite several requests, I haven’t received either of these things. With all of these issues, I’ve received a few vague apologies but no other efforts to make things right. As a business owner myself, if a customer had experienced all the issues I had, they’d be looking at a hefty discount at a minimum. Unfortunately, one of my batteries is already broken. It took over a month from reporting the issue to get someone out to work on it, and now a new battery has to be ordered, which will take at least another month. I understand that Longhorn has staffing issues currently. I would hope that a responsible company would adjust their project schedule to only take on the work that they can handle, but it feels to me that Longhorn’s goal is profit first, customer satisfaction dead last. I hired Longhorn for my project despite them being one of the higher quotes I received due to their formerly excellent reputation. I wish I’d gotten what I paid for.

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What To Look For In A Solar Installer?

When looking for a solar installer, it's essential to consider various factors to ensure you choose a reputable and competent company that meets your needs.

When selecting an installer like Longhorn Solar, Inc. consider:

Experience and Reputation:

Look for a company with a solid track record and years of experience in the solar industry. Read the latest Longhorn Solar, Inc. solar reviews from past customers to gauge their reputation.

Certifications and Licenses:

Ensure the installer holds the necessary licenses and certifications required in your area. Look for certifications from organizations like the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) to verify their expertise.

Quality Products and Technology:

Inquire about the types and brands of solar panels, inverters, and other equipment they use. Quality matters for long-term performance. Ask if they offer the latest solar technologies, such as high-efficiency panels or energy storage solutions.

Learn more: Best Solar Panels for Homes | Top Solar Batteries

Warranty Information:

Understand the warranties they offer for equipment and workmanship. A reputable installer should provide comprehensive warranties. The majority of modern solar panels are equipped with a warranty spanning 20 to 30 years, encompassing both the product's integrity and its energy output. An ordinary workmanship warranty offered by a certified company typically provides coverage for solar panels for an average period of 10 years.

Transparent Pricing and Contracts:

Get detailed solar quotes that include all costs, from equipment and labor to permits and inspections. Review the contract carefully to ensure it's clear and transparent, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Local Knowledge:

Choose a company familiar with local building codes, regulations, and permitting processes. This can expedite the installation and ensure compliance.

Customized Design:

Look for companies who provide custom solar system designs tailored to your specific energy needs and property characteristics.

Energy Production Estimates:

The installer should provide accurate estimates of how much energy the system will generate, factoring in local climate conditions and other key influences. If your estimated solar savings are much higher with one solar company, you'll want to inquire further to ensure their savings projections aren't skewed to close the sale. Connect with us for a free estimate.

Financing Options:

Inquire about solar financing options, including purchase, lease, or power purchase agreements (PPAs). Ensure you know the pros and cons of each option.

Customer Service:

Assess their responsiveness and willingness to answer your questions and concerns and consider the installer's commitment to your project satisfaction. Throughout your solar process we’ll advocate for you, ensuring your solar project is done right.

References and Recommendations:

Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have installed solar panels. Ask the installer for references from past clients who can share their experiences. You can also read the latest reviews on Longhorn Solar, Inc..

Multiple Quotes:

Don't hesitate to obtain quotes from multiple installers to compare pricing, services, and warranties. Hint: We can help!

Financing and Incentive Knowledge:

Ensure the installer is knowledgeable about available incentives, tax credits, rebates and financing options. At EnergyPal, we’ll help maximize your savings.

Safety Practices:

Confirm that the installer adheres to safety protocols during installation to protect both workers and your property.

By researching and considering these factors, you can select a reputable solar installer who will provide a quality solar energy system and a positive experience throughout the installation process. Connect with us to learn more about the best solar installers in your area.

How Do I Compare Solar Installation Options?

To make an informed decision when comparing solar installation options, start by determining your energy needs and seeking multiple quotes from reputable installers. Examine the quality of equipment, evaluate proposed system designs, and consider financing options, factoring in total costs and long-term savings. Assess warranties, support, and the installer's experience while also checking for customer feedback and references. Gauge their responsiveness and customer service, ensuring they educate you about the process. Consider an installer's licensing, and certifications. Request accurate energy production estimates and review contracts for transparency. By evaluating these factors, you can confidently choose the solar installation option that aligns with your energy goals and budget. Connect with us for a free quote.

Steps for Installing Solar Panels

  • Qualification: Contact solar companies through web forms, referrals, or flyers. Answer questions to determine eligibility.
  • System Design: Receive initial solar system design in a proposal. Review the design and consider panel placement, avoiding “under-sizing“ or “oversizing.“
  • Compare Quotes: Evaluate quotes, considering factors like monthly payments, power output, and system details. Seek guidance to simplify the comparison.
  • Contract Signing: Select a company and panel design, understand and sign the contract.
  • Site Survey: Technician assesses the site for solar panel installation, checking roof orientation and structural integrity.
  • Engineering: Behind-the-scenes process finalizes system layout, electrical configuration, and structural safety for permit submission.
  • Permitting: The company obtains necessary permits and approvals, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Installation: Expert team mounts panels, installs wiring and inverters, connects the system to the grid.
  • System Activation: Request final inspections, obtain permission to operate (PTO) from the utility, and turn on the system. Monitoring apps track power generation. From a signed contract to installation and system activation this process can take two to six months to complete. Check out our article for a more indepth look into the solar installation process.

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Longhorn Solar, Inc. Solar Review Conclusion

Prior to making a decision to work with Longhorn Solar, Inc., homeowners should thoroughly review multiple solar installation providers and quotes. This ensures they can secure the most suitable choices, advantages, and cost-effectiveness that align with their specific requirements.

Our impartial advisors are here with your best interests in mind. We listen, educate, and guide you to ensure you find the energy solution that's the perfect fit for your home.

We provide free custom designs tailored precisely to your home's unique requirements, allowing you to compare programs side by side.

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