Buyer's Guide 2024

10 Benefits of Going Solar

Homeowners across the nation go solar for several reasons. The primary reasons are to reduce energy costs and improve the environment.

Solar promotes cleaner air, and in the long run, it will save you money. It's an investment for your property and future generations, so let's go through the top ten reasons why this worthy craze is revolutionizing the energy industry in the United States.

1. Reduce or Nearly Eliminate Electricity Costs

Electricity is expensive for homeowners, renters, businesses and nonprofits alike. With solar panels, the upfront cost may be high, but you will reduce or virtually eliminate you monthly electric bills for dozens of years.

With today's utility rate plans, you can usually sell back excess solar for credit on any electricity you may need to buy from your provider.

2. Invest in Your Home

Solar panels can provide a high return on investment of 20% or more. The average homeowner in the US pays for their solar system in just a few years. An investment in solar is less risky than investing in the stock market.

3. Stave off the Cost of Rising Energy Prices

The cost of energy has done nothing but rise over time. If the cost of electricity goes up by just 3% every year, in 10 years you will be paying 15% more for electricity than you do now.

If you invest in a solar system now, you lock in today’s rate. It’s much like buying a home, where your monthly mortgage stays fixed as rent prices rise while the years go by.

4. Increase Property Value

When you go to sell your home, solar panels can be coveted upgrades that encourage a quick sale. The demand for properties equipped with solar systems is and will keep on growing.

5. Fuel Your Local Economy with New Jobs

Solar companies are usually local. They employ local workers and are higher paying than many other forms of trade labor. These jobs also cannot be outsourced, leading to job stability and satisfaction.

The rate at which solar-related employment has increased is five times faster than the overall US job growth rate over the past five years, according to the Solar Foundation.

6. Encourage Energy Independence in the US

Although the emergence of new shale technologies has allowed the country to become energy independent, solar contributes in an even more profound way. The energy that the sun provides will never run out, and utilizing it does not leave an ever growing footprint.

7. Safeguard the Environment

People typically think of cars as the biggest source of individual daily pollution, but the US Green Building Council reports that buildings are responsible for 39 percent of all carbon emissions in this country. By solarizing your home and business, you can help reduce this number and the overall emission of harmful pollutants.

8. Establish Your Stance on Sustainability

The more people see solar panels, the more aware they become about the reality of solar. Your solar system can make your neighbors and passersby interested in solar and the environmental impact it can have in their lives.

If your business installs solar panels, not only can it save you money, it can also positively influence customer purchasing decisions. Businesses need this to stay competitive.

9. Boost Employee Morale

Along the same lines, people like to work for progressive, cutting-edge businesses. If your company shows it cares about the environment and is willing to implement new technology like solar panels, people will want and like to work there. Employee dedication, engagement and morale are benefits for any company.

10. Educate Your Community

By supporting the solar industry, you support education. Your neighbors will undoubtedly ask you about your new solar system. You can educate them on how it works and what its benefits are. The solar industry educates installers, not only explaining the mechanical aspects of their jobs but also fostering a genuine sense of caring for the greater good of planet earth.

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