Black Diamond Power Company

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Black Diamond Power Company , a Investor Owned utility provider located at 100 Capitol Street Suite 209 Charleston, West Virginia 25301 United States of America, has been a cornerstone in serving the energy needs of the community. As a crucial lifeline, Black Diamond Power Company has been providing reliable and affordable electricity to residents, businesses, and industries alike. This company page will cover the company's services, its customer base, and the rates they offer, outage hotline and outage map information.

Black Diamond Power Company
100 Capitol Street Suite 209 Charleston, West Virginia 25301 United States of America
Customer Service Phone
(304) 683-5281

Outage Information

Outages can be incredibly frustrating, disrupting our daily lives and causing immense inconvenience. These unplanned interruptions in services, whether they affect electricity, internet, or other essential utilities, can occur for various reasons.

Black Diamond Power Company understands the importance of managing power outages promptly and efficiently. To report an outage or receive updates on ongoing outages, customers can contact the Outage Hotline at (304) 683-5281. The dedicated customer service team is available at (304) 683-5281 to address any concerns or inquiries related to utility services. See full outage details below.

Outage Hotline Phone
(304) 683-5281

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Company Information

Company Type
Investor Owned
David W. Musser

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Black Diamond Power Company Residential Utility Rates & Information

The current utility rates provided by Black Diamond Power Company are easily accessible to customers through various channels, such as their official website, mobile applications, and customer service hotline. These up-to-date rates enable consumers to make informed decisions about their energy usage and expenses. The company's transparent approach to sharing rate information empowers customers to stay informed about any fluctuations or adjustments in rates for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Moreover, Black Diamond Power Company may offer flexible time-of-use (TOU) or peak and off-peak pricing plans, providing customers with the opportunity to adjust their energy consumption based on rate variations throughout the day. This allows consumers to potentially optimize their electricity usage and reduce costs.

Businesses and industries, especially those with higher energy consumption, find this real-time rate data invaluable for analyzing their electricity usage patterns and identifying cost-saving opportunities. Overall, Black Diamond Power Company 's commitment to providing accessible and unbiased rate information helps foster a sense of trust and transparency between the company and its customers.

Being informed about current utility rates can help you make the decision of whether solar energy is a viable option for your energy needs. By understanding the fluctuating costs of conventional electricity, you can explore the potential benefits of switching to solar power.

See below for Black Diamond Power Company residential utility rates:

Average Residential Rate
13.70¢ / kWh
Average Residential Electricty Bill
$118 / mo.
Residential Customers
Residential Sales

Black Diamond Power Company Commercial Utility Rates & Information

Average Commercial Rate
13.49¢ / kWh
Average Commercial Electricity Bill
$353 / mo.
Commercial Sales
Commercial Customers

Black Diamond Power Company Industrial Utility Rates & Information

In conclusion, being informed about current utility rates empowers individuals to make educated decisions about transitioning to solar energy. The potential for long-term cost savings and the positive impact on the environment make solar power an attractive alternative to conventional electricity. By staying up-to-date with utility rates and exploring the incentives available, consumers can confidently assess whether solar energy aligns with their financial goals and environmental values.

Black Diamond Power Company City Coverage

  • Beckley, WV
  • Belle, WV
  • Cedar Grove, WV
  • Chesapeake, WV
  • Clay, WV
  • Clendenin, WV
  • Dunbar, WV
  • East Bank, WV
  • Handley, WV
  • Lester, WV
  • Mabscott, WV
  • Marmet, WV
  • Mullens, WV
  • Nitro, WV
  • Oceana, WV
  • Pineville, WV
  • Pratt, WV
  • Rhodell, WV
  • Sophia, WV
  • South Charleston, WV
  • St. Albans, WV
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